Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation in the Hills

I don't know how many of you have been to the Black Hills, but the end of June is an absolutely perfect time to go. Especially to Hill City. The town now holds an annual sculpture show and this was my first time there (I usually go back for the quilt show). This was amazing! A couple of picutres - but keep checking the web site as I think it will be updated with more.

Best in show was absolutley beautiful glass work done by Jared and Nicole Davis:

Viewers' Choice by John Lopez:

(see if you can spot a couple of the hidden things...his work is like a treasure hunt.)

But as always, the best part of going back is seeing family. Mom is looking great (as seen here with grandson Jack)

And in June her back yard is to die for. Just luciously green and the creek (a little lower now - it was almost flooding) is picture perfect.

More later...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Festival Season has started...

We went to the Strawberry Festival in Burien yesterday. And the weather absolutely did NOT cooperate. Cold, drizzly - not summer festival weather. The entertainers and vendors soldiered on bravely, but I have to say...we chickened out and did our Knit In Public Day - in the store and not on the Greens with everyone else. There were brave souls who did stick it out, I wasn't one of them. Like I told my girlfriend Jeannie, "I have tons of stocking caps, shawls, sweaters at home - but it's almost JULY!!!! We shouldn't have to dress in wool @ the end of June!" (Now I do NOT want any of you throwing this back in my face when I start whining about how hot I am in August and September. ) Below are 2 of the brave entertainers.

I don't remember if I've told you about the rug I'm working on. It is going to be SOOOOOOO cool. Pattern is from the the 2nd Mason Dixon book - Outside the Lines. And it is so fun to knit. If you go to, you can see how everyone has made it their own but changing out the colors and every one of them is gorgeous. I'll keep you posted on how it goes - I'm only about 20 inches into the 60 in tube right now, but you knit on size 15's so it goes fairly quickly.

It will be felted as a tube and then steeked to lay flat as the rug. I can hardly wait!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raffle Quilt At the Auburn Farmers' Market

Beautiful day to be selling raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt. For only being in it's second year, I think the Auburn Market is a very nice venue. It was a nice mix of vendors and a great location right in the center of town. And right next to the bus/train stop, so as you get off the bus, you can buy some fresh flowers and veggies to take home for dinner...And CHOCOLATE! A couple of places selling chocolate, some nice jewelry, and of course, Evergreen Piecemaker selling chances on this year's quilt.
Since the weather was so nice, it was easy to draw a crowd and sell them some tickets.
There are always veggies at the market - but Auburn had some unique ones...these kids looked like they were having fun - and everyone was taking their pictures.

There were Zoomba dancers - which I have to tell you looks like WAY too much fun. As you can see below - even the traffic volunteer got into the mood.

They have a 'gold' group, thats a little slower for beginners (in my case that can read as 'old and fat' but they were too kind to actually say that.) But I can see where you'd lose weight doing this and have fun at the same time.

A lot of fun! Be sure to check it out next Sunday.