Saturday, March 19, 2011

Interesting Week

Well, this week was definitely different! Tues., I was standing by my desk, reaching into my overhead bin when the clips in back gave way. I think what it hit was my glasses as the damage to my face seems to lay where my glasses would hit...

day 1-you can see the steri-strips and a slight discoloration on my cheekbone.
day 2- the color on my cheek is getting brighter, but the swelling is going down.

today (Sat morning) the bruise has 'matured' - to use the ER doctor's words. I should make quilts that arehalf this colorful!
but I received some lovely flowers! Roses from a co-workers and daiseys from the people who make the bins!
But I do have a finished quilt top to share with you. The pattern is called "Fat Friday" and I made it out of Kaffe Fasset and similar fabrics. Can hardly wait to get it quilted!

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