Friday, March 16, 2012

spinning time

Getting a little time in on the wheel - got some lovely roving for Christmas. In the bag, looks like a jumble - bright greens, reds, yellows, a blue that almost glows. This is one ply on the bobbin - just taking the colors as they come, no extra carding or blending. I like the effect it's getting, now to get another bobbin full, so I can ply together and see what I get. That's why spinning is fun - control or not...planned or surprise...It's all in YOUR mind and fingers. Love that!

Been busy making some baby blankets, 2 layers of flannel anchored together so when they wash, they shrink together...with blankie binding around the edges...babies love blankie binding. And with flannel - it just gets softer the more you use it and wash it.

I love the zebras in this one.

And this one has the sweetest teddies (?), kitties (?)...not really sure, but they have sweet faces.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ok - missed the whole holiday season, didn't I?

I can't believe it's been this long! I need to get some of these project posted, so I can print and send off to my mom ( who doesn't have internet!)

finished some mittens: the new pattern from YarnHarlot

Started and finished the advent scarf - I'm going to use this for the excuse of not posting over the holiday. Every day she posted a new lace pattern. I started out about 4 days behind...and I didn't do every pattern, shawl would have been 20 feet long, I swear. I think I did 16 or 17 - and it ended up 6 to 7 feet. And I'm very proud of this one. Love the yarn, love the beads, loved the challenge.
The yarn is a beatiful peacock blue and the beads yellow-green to navy blue with some teal thrown in.

I think I'll enter it in the Fair this fall. - and then wait for the NEXT advent scarf. This could become a tradition.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more from the retreat

I'm always amazed at the talent that lives in these women...
Sandy modeling the hamster (?) hood for her grandson's Halloween costume. (Shed fur everywhere!!!) And Sandy's serious quilting - wonderful hand dyes - this is one you need to see close to appreciate the depth of color.

Vicky C's intricate applique...shimmered like mother of pearl. Ada's fun quilt - personally, I love these colors.

Ruth's 9-patch pizazz - a little out of her comfort zone, but isn't it wonderful?

Our newest member, Sue, and her 1600 (but since it was 'half' a jelly roll, we should call it 800???) quilt. These are really fun and addicting.

Alice's Mt Rainier (Amber Wittmayer design). That sky fabric is perfect for it. Alice owns one of our local quilt shops, Running Stitch Fabrics in Kent, WA.

And last but not least, Donna's onions for her garden patch quilt.

I'll have more quilts in a day or was a very productive retreat!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the 'Amber ' part of the retreat

Amber Wittmayer spent most of her retreat putting bindings on her quilts. This first one - is an old picture of just the top...this retreat it was all quilted and bound, but I didn't get a picture of that - I know - slap me.

The rest of these pictures are just some of the quilts she finished. And again, her work is just amazing. I'll let the quilts speak for themselves...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October retreat

Once again - a wonderful time at the retreat...Dumas Bay is just the nicest place to stay. This time of year the grounds are just beautiful.

Next comes the pictures of the quilts...a close second to nature.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost vacation time...

I know - everyone else is just getting back and heading off to school, but my vacation usually comes every year for the weekend after Labor Day. It's the annual Hill City, SD Outdoor quilt Show. Really nice if you ever get chance to go.
This year, I've sent 5 back to display. there's 2 I'm not sending that I just finished... the one to the right isn't quite finished. I want to put an inner border - and then I'm thinking of piano key border for the finishing touch. This quilt is FAST! Pattern is from Modern Basics - lots of cool quilts in there.

The next one was the MOST fun! All it takes is a jelly roll...strips sewn end to end, fold in half, sew, fold in half, sew, etc. Nan told us about sounded like so fun much fun I started it right away. The first seam takes FOREVER! Had to stop and have a dinner break in the middle of it. After that it goes pretty quick. I just did a kind of zigzag on the seam lines as it accented the stripes - and the fabric ( a Bali Pop) is busy enough that fancy stitching wouldn't show much any way. the quilt is called "1600 quilt" from Heirloom Creations. Have fun!

I'll post some Hill City pictures when I get back. Extra bonus this year. Heard from a girlfriend that I haven't seen in 20 years! She's going to be there the same weekend! Can hardly wait to catch up with her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

busy busy summer

This is proof that it actually is summer around here. We've been so lucky to be on the cool side (compared to the rest of the country) but I do have flowers growing. Around to the left (where you can't see ) are some roses that make the whole are smell just lovely. But check out the lilies that just bloomed in front of my sewing room! Aren't they amazing?

At the Covington Quilt Show the other day, I won a basket of fat quarters! I LOVE fat quarters, but since I already have tons...I figured I'd better use these right away. They didn't need to be aged. Below the picture of the fabric is the start of the quilt. I'm actually almost done, but this picture will act as a teaser till I get the finished quilt in here.

I finished a little shawl this week. I think the name is 198 yards of heaven...and it was a very nice, fast, easy knit. I wish it were a little bigger, but I was running out of yarn (the yarn was a gift from one friend at work, the shawl is going to another friend at work...wonderful how the world works, isn't it?) It's blocking in these pictures. I might have to try another - this was out of worsted - I think maybe a DK and a few more repeats...we'll add it to the list of projects.

NOW - today we (some of the Evergreen Piecemakers guildmembers) took a class to make a bead holder. Given by Theresa White who specializes in crazy quilts and works @ the Shibori Dragon in Lakewood. I'm delighted with how it turned out. Might have to try one of the needle holders. Abit of embroidery, a bit of ribbon embroidery and a bit of beading...tons of fun.

Getting ready to send quilts off to the Hill City show in tomorrow will be spent sewing finishing one of the projects...and playing with one or two others...Catch you later.