Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just a quick note this morning - and it has aboslutely nothing to do with any kind of fiber...just family.

My grandsons are coming home this weekend. The younger one has been off visiting his grandfather and other grandmother for 3 weeks and they've been on the road visiting that side of the family and some landmarks along the way.

The older one is on his way home from Europe where he's spent the last 3 weeks as part of the People to People Youth Ambassador Group. (Dancing in Greece where they also helped on a community service project.)

So our little nest of family will all be together again very soon - for a little while - before they start winging off to other things as they get older.

And speaking of older...I ran across some sheet music of my grandfather's. He wrote and copyrighted it in 1900. He was a judge in Aberdeen SD - but his love was his music. He played drums in a drum and bugle corps. And - it appears - wrote a little piano music on the side. I finally got it framed. I have 2 copies. So one is placed to show the cover of the music. (Grandpa Sime is the 2nd from the left in the middle row) The other shows the actual music and the copyright. Hopefully this will help preserve for my grandsons...and the music will span 5 generations and possible more.

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Trisha said...

Glad your grandsons will be back soon with you. I am sure they will have so many stories to tell. What great memories they will have from their trips. Very cool that your grandfather wrote music and that you have a copy. Do you wonder what the music sounds like? My daughter plays the piano and could probably learn the piece and we could try making you a cd. Think about it!