Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation in the Hills

I don't know how many of you have been to the Black Hills, but the end of June is an absolutely perfect time to go. Especially to Hill City. The town now holds an annual sculpture show and this was my first time there (I usually go back for the quilt show). This was amazing! A couple of picutres - but keep checking the web site as I think it will be updated with more.

Best in show was absolutley beautiful glass work done by Jared and Nicole Davis:

Viewers' Choice by John Lopez:

(see if you can spot a couple of the hidden things...his work is like a treasure hunt.)

But as always, the best part of going back is seeing family. Mom is looking great (as seen here with grandson Jack)

And in June her back yard is to die for. Just luciously green and the creek (a little lower now - it was almost flooding) is picture perfect.

More later...

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Trisha said...

That sculpture show looks cool. I bet it is amazing in person. Fun to see a pic of your mom. Her yard is just gorgeous! Glad you are home safe. I totally forgot the stuff n stash sale at guild on Monday. Oops! Probably better off.