Saturday, August 6, 2011

busy busy summer

This is proof that it actually is summer around here. We've been so lucky to be on the cool side (compared to the rest of the country) but I do have flowers growing. Around to the left (where you can't see ) are some roses that make the whole are smell just lovely. But check out the lilies that just bloomed in front of my sewing room! Aren't they amazing?

At the Covington Quilt Show the other day, I won a basket of fat quarters! I LOVE fat quarters, but since I already have tons...I figured I'd better use these right away. They didn't need to be aged. Below the picture of the fabric is the start of the quilt. I'm actually almost done, but this picture will act as a teaser till I get the finished quilt in here.

I finished a little shawl this week. I think the name is 198 yards of heaven...and it was a very nice, fast, easy knit. I wish it were a little bigger, but I was running out of yarn (the yarn was a gift from one friend at work, the shawl is going to another friend at work...wonderful how the world works, isn't it?) It's blocking in these pictures. I might have to try another - this was out of worsted - I think maybe a DK and a few more repeats...we'll add it to the list of projects.

NOW - today we (some of the Evergreen Piecemakers guildmembers) took a class to make a bead holder. Given by Theresa White who specializes in crazy quilts and works @ the Shibori Dragon in Lakewood. I'm delighted with how it turned out. Might have to try one of the needle holders. Abit of embroidery, a bit of ribbon embroidery and a bit of beading...tons of fun.

Getting ready to send quilts off to the Hill City show in tomorrow will be spent sewing finishing one of the projects...and playing with one or two others...Catch you later.

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