Saturday, September 3, 2011

Almost vacation time...

I know - everyone else is just getting back and heading off to school, but my vacation usually comes every year for the weekend after Labor Day. It's the annual Hill City, SD Outdoor quilt Show. Really nice if you ever get chance to go.
This year, I've sent 5 back to display. there's 2 I'm not sending that I just finished... the one to the right isn't quite finished. I want to put an inner border - and then I'm thinking of piano key border for the finishing touch. This quilt is FAST! Pattern is from Modern Basics - lots of cool quilts in there.

The next one was the MOST fun! All it takes is a jelly roll...strips sewn end to end, fold in half, sew, fold in half, sew, etc. Nan told us about sounded like so fun much fun I started it right away. The first seam takes FOREVER! Had to stop and have a dinner break in the middle of it. After that it goes pretty quick. I just did a kind of zigzag on the seam lines as it accented the stripes - and the fabric ( a Bali Pop) is busy enough that fancy stitching wouldn't show much any way. the quilt is called "1600 quilt" from Heirloom Creations. Have fun!

I'll post some Hill City pictures when I get back. Extra bonus this year. Heard from a girlfriend that I haven't seen in 20 years! She's going to be there the same weekend! Can hardly wait to catch up with her!

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