Wednesday, October 26, 2011

more from the retreat

I'm always amazed at the talent that lives in these women...
Sandy modeling the hamster (?) hood for her grandson's Halloween costume. (Shed fur everywhere!!!) And Sandy's serious quilting - wonderful hand dyes - this is one you need to see close to appreciate the depth of color.

Vicky C's intricate applique...shimmered like mother of pearl. Ada's fun quilt - personally, I love these colors.

Ruth's 9-patch pizazz - a little out of her comfort zone, but isn't it wonderful?

Our newest member, Sue, and her 1600 (but since it was 'half' a jelly roll, we should call it 800???) quilt. These are really fun and addicting.

Alice's Mt Rainier (Amber Wittmayer design). That sky fabric is perfect for it. Alice owns one of our local quilt shops, Running Stitch Fabrics in Kent, WA.

And last but not least, Donna's onions for her garden patch quilt.

I'll have more quilts in a day or was a very productive retreat!

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