Friday, March 16, 2012

spinning time

Getting a little time in on the wheel - got some lovely roving for Christmas. In the bag, looks like a jumble - bright greens, reds, yellows, a blue that almost glows. This is one ply on the bobbin - just taking the colors as they come, no extra carding or blending. I like the effect it's getting, now to get another bobbin full, so I can ply together and see what I get. That's why spinning is fun - control or not...planned or surprise...It's all in YOUR mind and fingers. Love that!

Been busy making some baby blankets, 2 layers of flannel anchored together so when they wash, they shrink together...with blankie binding around the edges...babies love blankie binding. And with flannel - it just gets softer the more you use it and wash it.

I love the zebras in this one.

And this one has the sweetest teddies (?), kitties (?)...not really sure, but they have sweet faces.

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