Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Color for 2009

Busy busy week, huh? Got the Pretty Thing cowl done. But I don't like the gauge I did it almost chokes me! So might have been a bit too tight, huh? So I'll try again. It took very little yarn - made it out of leftovers from a pair of Christmas Socks. And if it fit - it would've been gorgeous! Oh well, live and learn.

Today, I'm working on a couple of quilts. I wish I could post a picture of the one on the frame, but I don't have her permission. But her piecing is beautiful, very intricate and very precise. I'll never be that good at piecing...I'm an exuberant quilter, not an exact one.

Just a quick post today, but I didn't forget about the fall color pictures. I think yesterday was the last day of good color, pouring rain, so I'm sure a lot of the color is on the ground today. But in memory.

And in the true spirit of the fall season - Football! My grandson's team leaving the field in victory...

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