Sunday, October 11, 2009

My first thoughts

I've been thinking about doing this for - like forever. My good friend Trisha has a blog which a lot of you probably already read - and I love keeping up with her knitting and quilting on it. She's been telling me for ages to write a blog myself and post my quilt pictures to promote my business. I kept telling her I was too busy, but honestly, I think I was just afraid to try. But you can't live in fear forever - so here goes. (I don't think I'll be as good a photographer as she is - but then, that might be an excuse for me to buy a new camera! )

A little about me. I've been a quilter since 1982 when I was managing a Meals for the Elderly and took classes with some of my clients. Most of them didn't continue on with quilting, but I was hooked. At first I did everything the classic way(which could also be read as old-fashioned). I cut out shapes with cardboard templates, hand pieced them and hand-quilted them. After about 5 yrs., I finally purchased a sewing machine and there was no turning back. Now I have 2 that I use for piecing and one on a frame that I use for quilting.

One of the other fibers in my life is wool - When I'm not quilting, I'm knitting. And now I'm learning spinning. More on that later...

Have to go check on the cat...

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