Saturday, October 17, 2009

the Weekend

Well, the long awaited weekend is here...and once again, I've got it so packed full of planned activites, it'll be gone before I get half of them done.

First on the list is my grandson's football game. And while I'm there, they have some alterations they need done on some curtains. Then it's home to get a quilt on the frame. And log into my other job and see if there's any reports that I need to get out. Then up in the morning for a Sun. morning conference call and off to quilt with friends for the afternoon. Sun. afternoon I have my standard call with my mom. And in here somewhere, I plan to finish a vest I'm knitting on, a cowl (the 'Pretty Thing' pattern from yarnharlot) and fit some studying in for the next part of my new job. I love weekends!

And - I'm thinking about buying a new digital camera. I'm thinking of tons of reasons to talk myself into it...1st off - the football game. It'd be nice to get some good shots of him playing. And then there's this new blog. It just screams for some new pictures of quilts and knitting. And I'd be doing my patriotic duty by spending and boosting the economy.

But I'm going to be honest here. The trees this week have been GORGEOUS in the Pacific Northwest. The colors are just glorious. And I'd love to post some pictures here and send some shots to my mom - and maybe some to my aunt and uncle on the other coast. I have some pictures from a couple of years ago - but for some reason - the early cold maybe - this years colors are amazing. So - for now, I'll post an old picture to whet your appetite, and check back in a few days to see the new shots taken with the new camera - and we can compare.

Happy Saturday!

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