Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well, I'm now 59 years and 1 day old...6 years to go until I'm "officially" old...I think that starts at 65, right? State of mind? I'm 35. For some reason, I've always felt 35. My knees and hips tell a different story, but in my mind and heart, I'll never hit 40. What's that saying? "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" I love that one. Makes you think about what's really important in your outlook on life.

I've known some people that at age 20 were mentally 70. They'd quit finding excitement in life, in meeting new people and trying new things. And you know - looking back - a lot of those same people had quit reading. Read to keep your mind open, to learn new things, to remind you why you hate bigotry, why you love mysteries. Read, read, read.

And now that I'm writing a blog (I know, not as often as I should), I understand what my mom has been saying for years. Along with reading - keep a journal. Take a minute or two everyday to write down what happened during the day. How did you feel about it? Did the day make you think? Did it frustrate you? Writing seems to help put it in perspective. Struggling to find the right word also helps in the struggle to find the true center of any problem that you encountered...and finding the center helps find the solution.

But enough philosphy. The picture above is the bouquet I got from my daughter and the vase and the chicken are presents from my mom. Helen also got me a gift certificate to the Yarn Stash in Burien, so I'll be shopping there this Tues.

Been busy finishing some knitting:
1) the pink Breast Center Scarf (for Valley Breast Center) and the blue/brown swirly scarf I've been working on for - what - 3 months? 4? Anyway, done! And done is GOOD!
2) my red socks that I can't even remember when I started them ( from the Little Box of Socks some cool patterns in there.)
Finished a cheater quilt:
And started a new quilt that I'm REALLY excited about.
This is the fabric...
You stack 4 repeats on top of each other and cut into 3 1/2 in squares. Each stack of squares become a block...for this quilt I'm using those blocks as the center of stars.

I just LOVE doing this. Each block is a total surprise. Here's the tentative layout.
So - on the cheery yellow/green colors of springtime, I'll sign off and get a few more stitches in before bedtime.

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Trisha said...

Happy Birthday! Your new quilt is beautiful! I love how it almost doesn't matter what the fabric looks like before you chop it up, as long as the colors are great.