Sunday, May 2, 2010

This, that and the other thing...

Well, it has been forever since I've written...mostly because of computer problems, partly because I've just been really busy.

As to the computer - well, I'm suffering through. I don't know what's wrong - a friend's husband suspects I need a new hard drive - so in a couple of paydays, I'll give that a try. (Right now it's property tax paydays, so extra $$ is already gone.) But today, it seems to be in mood to let me write, so I'll grab the opportunity while I can.

Also, I'm writing while the AAA gentleman is out looking at my battery. I had plans to go fabric shopping with my friend Amber - to a couple of shops up north. But when I got in my vehicle to leave for her house - nothing! Not even a buzz. Quieter than the house before Santa comes when not even a creature stirs...Enough poetry. Suffice to say, glad it happened on a Sunday instead of 6 am tomorrow when I'm leaving for work!

So we'll see what this costs. Just had oil changed, tranny fluid drained and filled and while the car was up, discovered I needed new tires. So might as well add a battery or alternator to the pile of expenses. I hear it running tho, so gonna go back later....
I'm back - $120 poorer, but with a new battery so I can get to work tomorrow. Enough said. Except for - I really like the mechanic's shop where I go - Kelly's Auto Repair. It's so nice to find someone you can trust. It takes some of the pain out of the payment.
Anyway - my work schedule has been weird, but I have gotten some work at home done, too. Got my shopping bag finished. I really like how this turned out, made from some cotton/linen I had in my stash. Holds quite a few skeins of yarn - made for our LYS tour coming up in a coule of weeks. I've made one modification since I took this picture, I added fabric to the handle to stabilize it a bit. Makes it not quite as stretchy.
And I finished a couple of quilts...
I'm working on a quilt that I have on the design wall, and have one that I'm just about ready to put the binding more quilt pics soon.
I'm almost done with my Knitting Olympics sweater...just one short sleeve to go, so the end is in sight...only - what - 3 months late? See this is why I don't do sports. Runners don't wait 3 months for a team member to finish, and they have very little patience for people who are sidetracked and distracted as easily as I am. I can work on 3 to 4 quilts and several knitting projects at the same time, hard to run in 7 races at the same time. I'm just not single-minded enough to be an athelete.
Enough for now - more to come soon I hope. I think the work schedule is calming down. And my life has to calm down a bit to get ready to visit my mom in SD in June. I should have some wonderful pictures for you then...Hill City is having a sculpture show!

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Trisha said...

I thought about you the other day and though, man I haven't talked to Lou in a while. I never went to the last block of the month class. I was out of town. Did I miss out on some fabric? I sure hope you got into the May retreat. It is always more fun when you are there. Your quilts are beautiful. I like your shopping bag. I got to see Dewey's up close at knit group. Cute pattern. Sorry about your computer and car. What a pain! Looking forward to seeing your Olympic sweater. My socks are still just a sock. And not a finished one. Oops! Currently working on socks for my mom for Mother's Day. I hope she likes them. I hope I see you soon, Lou!