Sunday, June 13, 2010

Raffle Quilt At the Auburn Farmers' Market

Beautiful day to be selling raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt. For only being in it's second year, I think the Auburn Market is a very nice venue. It was a nice mix of vendors and a great location right in the center of town. And right next to the bus/train stop, so as you get off the bus, you can buy some fresh flowers and veggies to take home for dinner...And CHOCOLATE! A couple of places selling chocolate, some nice jewelry, and of course, Evergreen Piecemaker selling chances on this year's quilt.
Since the weather was so nice, it was easy to draw a crowd and sell them some tickets.
There are always veggies at the market - but Auburn had some unique ones...these kids looked like they were having fun - and everyone was taking their pictures.

There were Zoomba dancers - which I have to tell you looks like WAY too much fun. As you can see below - even the traffic volunteer got into the mood.

They have a 'gold' group, thats a little slower for beginners (in my case that can read as 'old and fat' but they were too kind to actually say that.) But I can see where you'd lose weight doing this and have fun at the same time.

A lot of fun! Be sure to check it out next Sunday.

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