Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Lessons

Just a really quick note as I really am working feverishly on my Olympic Knitting sweater. The back is done, the front is 1/3 done - maybe it'll be a vest?? We'll see - closing ceremonies are Sun.


What I want to write about - check your bank account often. I got home tonight to a letter from my bank telling me they'd transfered all my savings funds into my checking account to cover debit payments I'd made. Now, I keep my checks / debits in Quicken...I love it, quick, easy, accurate. And I'd just updated a couple of days ago and according to it - I had plenty of money to last till payday. I did NOT check my actual bank balance - or I would have noticed the discrepency. As soon as I read that letter, I logged on - and discovered a $450 payment that I HADN'T authorized!!!!! I was on the phone to the bank - they checked things out while I was on the phone with them and discovered that it had been drawn on the wrong account!

I still have to jump through a little hoop tomorrow to get it totally straightened out - probably paperwork to show that I know what's going on and approve of the fix or something.

But this is definitely a wake-up. Don't just trust that because you're pretty sure that your bank never makes mistakes - remember - banks are made up of humans. And they make typos and transpose digits. Check your balance more than once a month when you reconcile your checkbook.

And now - I'm off to knit...I promise to post pictures this weekend. Not only of the Olympic Sweater, but the other projects that have distracted me.

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Trisha said...

What a pain! Glad they figured out the problem and are working with you on it. Can't wait to see the pictures of your Olympic sweater and the projects you have been cheating on her with. :)