Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knitting, knitting, knitting...

As usual, busy around here. Getting ready for some new classes I'm taking, held at Burien Yarn Stash out here in WA. The 3rd Sat of every month, we're going to have Sock Club, this month is a spiral sock. And in keeping with that (I guess, not sure they planned it that way) following that is the Project of the Month - a corkscrew scarf. Is this a hint they think we're twisted????

Anyway, couldn't wait on the scarf and I've actually started 2 versions of it. Tons of fun. This one pictured I'm making with my own handspun. Also making one out of Marble Chunky so there are color changes all through the scarf. I'll post that when it's done.

Signed up for YarnHarlot's Knitting Olympics on Fri morning. Spent Thurs evening picking out the pattern and most of Friday evening swatching and rejecting yarn. All beautiful yarn, but just not for this sweater. It's a cute t-shirt style sweater done in basketweave with a notched v-neck. The yarns I tried were really pretty, but the basket weave got lost in them...and I'm NOT going to do all that work of counting 3 -3 -3 - 3- 3 if it's not going to show! Finally settled on a very pretty bluish - Merideth Bay from Patternworks. I think it's going to work up nicely.

The point of the Olympics is to challenge ourselves as knitters. To try something a bit beyond what we do on a day-to-day basis. And actually - just to finish a sweater in the 2 weeks allowed would be a challenge for me (We cast on during opening ceremonies and are supposed to be finished by the time the Flame is extinquished.) But this sweater is done in pieces and sewn together afterwards. The garments I've done previously have been basically seamless - topdown sweaters, a vest that only had 2 tiny shoulder seams. So the challenge for me is going to be getting this 'together' and having it be wearable - and last more than one laundering.

So to document:

Olympic Challenge - beginning of Day 3:

More in a day or 2 (along with a little confession...)

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Trisha said...

Oohh, I can't wait for the confession! Your sweater is looking wonderful. Such a pretty color. I am excited about Sock Club, I hope I get the book in the mail before the class starts. Thanks for Saturday at Madrona. That was so fun!