Sunday, February 28, 2010

Didn't get the gold...

but I think I should get a bronze medal for giving it one helluva try. Got the front and back of the sweater done! And the shoulder seams done. 2 sleeves yet to go, but they're short sleeves, so it's something I will get done. (these pictures don't show how pretty the color is, it's called Denim and is a lovely blue with almost invisible streaks of purple...)

I tried it on - and so far - it even fits! That's worth the gold medal just for that!
Now - as to why it's at this stage instead of finished...these are the distractions.
Right off the bat, I cast on the shawl - couldn't wait to try the pattern I got at Madrona - doing it in Kauni yarn. Nice long color changes that should get more interesting as the shawl grows.
Then I bought a book - 60 quick knits using Cascade 220. some very nice patterns in here and I just couldn't wait to start on this scarf.
Then there's the sock from class.
And the puzzle - my grandson Scott came to visit for Saturday - and he's always the priority. We watched teen-age boy movies in the afternoon (trust me - not my usual choice - but he loves them) and we worked on the puzzle in the evening. I can knit anytime, but can't always spend time with was nice.

And this next picture is for Trisha (tlcstitches). We're both in the BOM class at Pacific Fabrics in Puyallup, but we've had to start taking it on different days, so we can't compare progress.

It'll be nice to fill in that hole in the middle (for those of you not taking the class - it'll be a mariner's compass.)

Now on to a post-Olympic life. (and to finish the sweater!!!)

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Trisha said...

Your Olympic sweater looks great and you definitely earned a bronze. The shawl in the Kauni is gorgous! What a great yarn. Your quilt is stunning, makes me want to actually make this quilt, haha! Way to go on spending time with Scott. I think we should bump you up to a silver just for that.